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Moving in on September 6th, we discovered we had no idea where to put everything!  Kass is installing some pull out basket drawers to help get things in and out of the cabinets.

After we finally finished the Kitchen you would think we were ready for a party, especially with all the pop lined up on the counter in the above pictures.  We're just getting ready for Alex' graduation party tomorrow.  But on June 6th, 2008 we finished up the Kitchen, painting the door and finishing putting the wood stove back together. 


Right you can see Kass' grandmother's old wood cook stove.  Her parents took it in to have it refurbished, but were told it's good to go!  Just need to install a chimney and we can actually use this thing!

We worked on the wood stove June 4, 2008.  Here the wood stove sits on the reconstructed base in front of the heat shield Kass finished last week.  Once we finish the flooring we'll complete the stove, and that completes the Kitchen!!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2008 we did alot throughout the house.  Fred welded together the frame for the heat shield to go behind the wood cook stove.  Here Kass relunctantly lets me take her picture as she tiles the shield.

We stopped at just halfway through so Rick could cut more tiles before we ran out!

Left is the painted & trimmed refrigerator area, above the light fixture in the refrigerator area.
Below an example of the completed floor molding, and right the mounted reproduction wall phone Rick found on Craigslist.


On the weekend of April 12, 2008, Kass sealed the floor in the Kitchen, and finished the tile in the Laundry Room area.

look'n good
almost done

We decided to do a "hop scotch" pattern with the slate on the Kitchen floor.  We took 12x12 slate tile and cut some of them down to 6x6 and started laying them down to select which tiles went where.  Then came the job of picking them all back up and mixing the mortar!

We managed to install both light fixtures in the Kitchen this weekend, although we ran out of light bulbs and had to leave one off the center light.

We even set the clock on the microwave!

It's so fun having electricity in the house finally!


On March 2, we installed the Kitchen sink faucet which came with a hose sprayer and soap dispenser.  On the left hand side we have a push button for the garbage disposal.

The Kitchen is almost complete; we need to install the light fixtures, the plumbing finish and the flooring.
Fred hooked up the cook top and installed some brown outlets and switches in the back splash.  Now if we only had electricity...

Here you can see the outlets we matched to our countertop/backspalsh for under the window.

Here you can see our bead board backsplash we have decided to go with in the Kitchen.  It's a charcoal/army green type color that is hard to define. It should tie in very nicely with the slate tile for the floor once we install it.

We now have Countertops! 

Precision Countertops NW came today and installed our corian counter tops.  Other than the installer slipping on the ramp of his truck and twisting his ankle it all went smoothly!  Cant wait to finish the Kitchen now.  Looks strange to have an almost complete Kitchen

Here we finally have all the cabinet doors up and painted.  Just need the countertops & backsplash!  We originally wanted subway tile, but now Kass is having second thoughts.

With a lot of activities slowing us down this weekend, not much was done, but on Sunday we had most of the doors up on the Kitchen cabinets with the new hardware installed.

Here you can see the slight distressed look on the edges of the cabinets and drawers

North wall

Kass has been busy painting cabinets for the last week.  Each day she gets a little more done.  The cabinets are now a "butter cream" color with oil rubbed handles and pulls.  She is "distressing" the edges of the doors and the drawer fronts to give them a little aged appearance. The counter tops will be installed on the 16th of January.  Until then, each day after work it's sanding, priming and painting!

Over the final weekend of 2007 we mounted the remaining cabinets in the Kitchen.  Fred & Kass wired the oven in and also wired & hung the hood fan & light for the cooktop.  Saturday we purcahsed an upper cabinet to go to the right of the cabinets above the cooktop, but haven't installed it yet.  We are ready for the countertop installers to come and do their blueprint.
Below left you can see the sample of the material our countertop will be made from.

On December 22nd we managed to hang most of the upper cabinets in the Kitchen.  Jayden supervised as Kass put up the board where we marked the cabients to go.  After we secured them to the wall we checked for level and made adjustments as needed.  We still need to make a cabinet for the far right hand side.  Tomorrow we hope to get some of the base cabinets in!

one set done..
                one to go.. wall oven and
                pantry cabinets
Rick and Kass spent Thursday afternoon installing the Cherry cabinets in the Kitchen. Rick is puting on the doors here.
We ordered the countertops for the Kitchen, so now we have to get the cabinets installed.

one coat down..
                one to go...
Kass in her
                LOVELY outfit <cough>
In the background you can see the NEW color for the Kitchen "pumpkin butter", Rick says it looks like his peanutbutter fudge, but he likes it much better than the 1970's "rust" color we originally painted the Kitchen Kass chose a "butter cream" color for the cabinets.  Here, she is painting the inside and the outside of the upper cabinets.  Note the lovely fashion habits we follow in the cold weather. :)

On December 6th I came home from work to find Kass had the first coat of paint on in the Kitchen!  She picked the colors from a plate she found at a sale.  The colors are an orange-ish brown with the first coat, but will darken with the second coat.  The ceiling is almost a salmon pink, a green accent to follow. 


Over the last two weeks the walls have been taped, mudded, textured and now primed as well!  Kass found a decorative plate with colors she really likes, so she's going to match paint colors, pick them up later this week and we'll put them up to see how they look!

On the weekend of 09-30-2007, we finished the sheet rock in the Kitchen and where the fridge will go (Next to Laundry Room). Coming up next, taping and mudding! :)

Here you can see the ceiling finally covered with sheetrock in the Kitchen and through the opening in the left picture, the ceiling of the Laundry Room too.  With just one and a half walls done, we've already cut out for 14 different things, and there are more on the window wall yet to cut out!  For big dinners we plan on being able to plug in a LOT of crock pots and cooking items.  These are on two different circuits, so we don't plan on tripping any fuses either. :)

What's Cookin'?

Rick took out the top of the three lower drawers, and used the piece he removed to frame in the opening made above the oven for the microwave. We purchased the cabinet on clearance at the Parr Cabinet Outlet in Hillsboro, OR.  Now this whole unit is ready to be installed!

Wired! You, light up
Hard at work.

Kass took the last week of March off and had a lot of the 1st floor wired.  Here you can see her handiwork for some outlets that will be behind the kitchen counter backsplash (Upper left) and one of the recessed light boxes she installed (Upper right).  To the left a shot of her hard at work.  She really has been driving hard at getting this done!

Look up dear!
As you can see someone doesn't like her picture taken.
Here we are trying to figure out best placement for the cabinets and making some repairs.
Maybe over

Needed a lift. Trim that
Starting off 2006 we installed the double window in the Kitchen.  Here Rick trims the siding so the window will fit in. Since it was about 12 feet off the ground we used the tractor as a lift for both the window and Rick! <G>
                there......stay on target.
Like a glove!
Supervisor's inspection. <G>
Fred lifted Rick and the window up in the bucket of the tractor, then Fred climbed up to help hold it in place as Kass centered it in the opening.  It took a couple of additional trims on the siding to get it to fit just right, but it went in smoothly and no broken glass!

Once it was nailed in place, there was nothing left to do but inspect it for fingerprints. <G>

We will need to replace two weights and strip the paint off of it, but other than that it's a much needed improvement for the Kitchen!  No more rain & wind coming through there.
Found a new home
Looking good!

It's All Too
Floor. Oh Yeah.
On July 3rd, we finished the walls in the Kitchen and decided on a basic layout.  We opened up the wall between the Kitchen & Laundry Room, and will put a single Pocket Door in there to close off the Laundry area, and make part of it into the Kitchen.  The fridge will go into the small nook we are creating, and create more counter/cabinet space for us.
Rick was walking around with a sappy grin for most of the day at this point.  He could be heard saying "Floor" with a deep sigh of pleasure and relief when he said it.  Here you can see the completed sub floor; no more joist hopping for us!  Under the window is some newspaper used for a vapor barrier, dated January 6, 1980. 

Such manly
Here was a nice little surprise as we worked on the Kitchen; a hidden cabinet in the corner under the stairs!  The top shelf is made of the original flooring and the middle shelf of the sub-floor wood. 
Here's Rick cutting some of the new sub floor for the Kitchen.  Note the lack of safety goggles as he uses the circular saw.  He said by pulling his hat down he protected his eyes.  I sure hope that cut was straight!

Holding up! Little by little
Here is the new bearing wall (from the Living Room side) to separate the Kitchen from the Living Room.  We decided we want one doorway in the wall on the side of the wall by the China Cabinet. We met with a Kitchen designer to help us decide how to lay out the Kitchen.  Here on our finished bearing wall Kass' Grandmother's wood stove will be to the left of the opening.  The refrigerator will be in a nook to the right.

Here you can see the new "sistered" ceiling joists in the Kitchen.  We only had to sister 5 of the12 joists in the ceiling.  We took out the "chimney framing" as we won't be rebuilding a brick chimney but using stove pipe for the antique cook stove we will be installing.  It belonged to Kass' paternal Grandmother.
Making progress, underneath the plywood are the now sturdy floor joists.  The jacks you can see are the temporary support where the wall once was.  We will be rebuilding the wall and taking the jacks down soon.  Rick is almost visible behind the plastic over the window opening.
...beans don't
                burn on the grill... Living room-Kitchen wall
This was the Kitchen as we first saw it.  The previous owners had installed a drop ceiling and removed all cabinets and appliances. It had a wood burning stove on the wall between the Living Room and Kitchen (Kass has her grandmother's wood stove to replace it).
This was the wall between the Kitchen and Living Room, the previous owners had stripped it and started to repair it. The leak in the roof above caused more damage.

Ceiling damage by kitchen/living room
Damage over kitchen/living room wall
Our first survey of the ceiling damage in the Living Room/Kitchen area.
This wall was replaced and we sistered in new ceiling joists.

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