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After moving in on September 6th, Jayden was the first person to take a bath in the farm house!

Here you can finally see the installed sink in the Main Bathroom. Once we work out the problem with a leak in the cold water line to the sink, and install the faucet & shower on the bathtub, this room will be completed!  Above right, the Bathroom door was installed and the lock replaced with a new plate from The Rebuilding Center.  Locking the door was important for this room. :)

It's been installed for a while now but we haven't ever taken a picture of the toilet in the main bathroom. :)

Here you can see the base for the pedalstal sink we've begun installing, as well as the ceiling light Rick installed on March 6th. 

Left Fred trims the copper line to put on the faucet for the bathtub.  Above, Rick, Rick Close and his friend Brian Shanniack move the tub from the Spare Room into the Bathroom.
Left Rick, Rick & Brian plan the best way to upright the tub and get it into place without damaging floor tiles.  Below the end result!

I've got the Power!
The picutre (left) is washed out on purpose because we just wanted to emphasize the light fixture over the medicine cabinet that is WORKING!
(woo hoo electricity!)
The ceiling vent fan works great too, very quiet!  Kass is in the shadows here finishing up the paint on the molding.
Right is a clearer picture of the new light fixture.

The Bathroom is now ready for finish!  Kass finished painting the bead board and the trim, now we just need to install the plumbing shutoff valves, the toilet, tub and sink and we are ready to go!

Kassandra took an extra day off to work on the house.
With the help of her dad, they were able to complete the bead-board, put on the base shoe molding, and trim out the windows and door.  Next is primer and paint!
(The floor is sloped on purpose; we installed a floor drain to help with any water spillage.)

Only the first coat, but finally a touch of color in the Bathroom!

Left:  A leg of the clawfoot tub before cleaning and painting.
Right: the same leg after Kassandra's Paint Shop Therapy!
close to being done
Bob the Handyman did a little more grouting and then sealed most of the Bathroom floor  there are a couple more places to seal and then we can finish the drywall.

Handyman for Hire Bob finished off the sloping of the floor, and put down a coat of sealer to protect the Bathroom floor on October 30th.
Then on November 2nd, Bob laid down the hexagon tile we picked out for the floor!


Handyman for Hire Bob has been working on the Bathroom floor for us.  He has been sloping the floor so that water spilled from the clawfoot bathtub will slope down into the floor drain we have put in.  (6 year old boy, water, it will hit the floor)


I do believe this is the cleanest the bathtub has been since we first saw it!  At least it appears to be in pretty good condition and does not need to be resurfaced or anything majorly repaired.  Just a REALLY good sanitizing once we get it back into the Bathroom and hooked up to the water & drain! :)
Finally a little privacy! Looks better on this side!
Here's the Bathroom after Father's Day weekend 2007!  We finished the ceiling and two walls of sheetrock, mostly green board,  but can't do the other two walls until the plumbing passes inspection.  The skylight really brings in a lot of light, and almost feels like there's a light on when we are in there!
Things are looking up!

Fred and Kassandra installed a Sonitube skylight in the Bathroom on June 3rd, 2007.  I tried to take a picture from the outside to show how it's not so protusive but from the ground outside I couldn't get a picture of it, it's so low!  What's funny is now it feels like we are leaving a light on in the bathroom the way it shines in there now!

Here you can see the wiring installed for the Bathroom along with the drain lines.  One last piece of trim above the siding and the wall will be enclosed at last!
Needs tile
Back together...FINALLY!

On the weekend of 3-4-2007, Kass & Rick finished up the siding on the wall and installed the new window, finally closing off the Bathroom! :)

Recycled glass even!
With our visit from the Sashman (See Bedroom 3) he brought us the new window for the Bathroom!  He was able to take the broken glass out of the window in Alex's Room and use a smaller piece of it to complete this window!
Header up! Dark & forboding!
I can see clearly now...
A view of the new Bathroom wall, header and window frame from Bedroom 2 through the exposed wall between them.
The picture from inside the Bathroom came out a little dark.  Honey, could you pull down the curtain? :)
Closer view of the window framing.  Still need to work on the floor in here, but big improvement!

Starting off 2005, we replaced the wall between the Bathroom and Bedroom 2.  Removed most of the ceiling too.
Closer view of the new wall.  We think the flooring should be done professionally so we are leaving it unfinished for now.

Rub A Dub Dub! What lies behind the white doors...
Here is the original (?) clawfoot bathtub.  It will need some restoring, but it should be usable, by the shorter people in the family. ;)
The Bathroom cabinet will be re-located.  I dont think it will stay in the Bathroom, most likely we'll re-use it in the Basement.


Getting there
rotten wall and window
View of the bathroom, 9-26-04. Replaced floor joists underneath & removed old pipes and sink.
The window literally fell apart when we took it out of the rotten wall. 
rub a dub dub...claw foot tub
bathroom cabinet
Clawfoot bathtub still intact. Oddly enough the toilet is missing. Working cabinet and some of the ceiling damage back before we started restoring.

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