An Bonnán Buí - The Yellow Bittern
Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

This is a tribute to the memory of my kin. It is the result of many years of research and many collaborators not the least of which has been Margaret Rose Gallagher (1908-2001) who helped in the early stages of these family histories. Donald Coonrod laid the groundwork for these events of the past with his early investigations into the McCormick, O'Hara and Fern families based on conversations with his mother Mary Elizabeth Fern (1902-1998) The O'Hara family history recorded here is the result of the investigations of Ronda Lewis and Donald Coonrod and the Harrigan histories and photos are from the research of Ella Harrigan Buzzard. The Grady and Curtin dynamics in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania are based on stories and family memories compiled by Joseph Lieberman and Mary Barbara Huber, the nexus being Elizabeth Grady (1871-1938).

These pages are no more than a slight contribution to the history of our kin and it is hoped that others better qualified, having access to a wider range of historical material, will ensure that our kinsmen and kinswomen will never fade from memory. The O'Hara and McCormick families migrated form County Antrim, Ireland to Ayrshire and Lanarkshire, Scotland where they worked for years in the coal mining villages before immigrating to the United States. Many of these allied families migrated together and made the same stop in Mercer County, Pennsylvania before migrating again to Cherokee County , Kansas. The families worked in the coal mines up until the 1920s when deep-shaft mining eventually gave way to strip mining.

The O'Grady family originated in County Clare and migrated to Dudley, Worcestershire, England in the 1850s. They were shoemakers in Ireland and England but after their immigration to Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, they became coal miners with one branch of the family Michael Grady (1858-1911), in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania and the other William Grady (1854-1930), in Cherokee County, Kansas.

The Lewis and Agee families have a long presence in Floyd and Patrick Counties, Virginia. Hazel Lufkin Davenport (1906-1998) and her son Robert E. Lewis have been the pioneers investigating these early histories. A great deal of information has been accumulated regarding various members of these families and research is ongoing. Mathieu Agee (1670-circa 1761), progenitor for nearly all Agees in the United States, is in Goochland County, Virginia by 1700 and John Lewis is located in Henry County, Virginia by 1820

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